Church-wide reading plan

We are currently spending 60 days reading the major prophets together. Click here to join us via the YouVersion app (available for Apple & Android), or click here to download a PDF of the reading plan.
Bible reading plans abound - Google it if you don’t believe me! With all that is out there, here are a few suggested plans. The first two are a good place to start. The other four are some additional ones worth looking into.
If you aren’t used to reading the Bible regularly, this is a great place to start. IT doesn’t cover the entire New Testament in 30 days, but just some highlights.
Discipleship Journal (Navigators).
This is the reading plan our pastor uses. The benefit of this plan is that there are 25 days of reading per month, with 5 days of “catch-up” built in, should you get off schedule. Or if you stay on top of it, those five days allow you to go back and read and meditate on some passages further. This plan covers a portion from the OT, NT - both a Gospel & a Letter, and Wisdom Literature each day. Our pastor usually listens to the OT history while driving and spends time reading either the Psalm, Gospel, or NT Letter. It is also available in the Bible app (where audio is available).
Here are some other plans from
A Psalm a Day (150 days)
In less than 6 months you can read one psalm per day. Fair warning, you’ll need to block out some time for day 119.
The Songs of Jesus by Tim Keller (365 days)
This is a year of daily devotions in the Psalms. In the course of a year you will read through all 150 psalms. Each day’s reading includes a portion of a Psalm, some devotional material, as well as a guided prayer.
Covers the entire NT in half a year (Matthew - Revelation). It’s more reading per day than the 30 day plan above. However if the OT is confusing, or too much to read per day, this is a great place to start.
Follows the chronology of the Bible over the course of the year. The neat thing about this plan is that it parallels some of the history records (Samuel & Kings with Chronicles). It also incorporates the prophets during the time at which they spoke - meaning you’ll read Isaiah in the midst of Israel’s history as you read through 2 Kings. This positions prophecies in their historical setting.
This is one of the most used reading plans in the world. It has four readings for each day. Throughout the year you’ll read the whole Bible, including the Psalms twice.
TGC made a modified version of M’Cheyne’s plan, spacing it out over the course of two years rather than one. You can read about it here, and access the Two-Year Plan here.
TGC has a new plan for this year that coincides with the M’Cheyne reading plan. It comes with a daily newsletter from D. A. Carson, suggests a daily companion reading from Carson’s book For the Love of God, and more!