New Year, New Us

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Depending on your personality, “new” can either be exciting or terrifying! Perhaps at the start of each “new” year your anxiety level rises. You anticipate coming woes: paying taxes in a few months, getting rid of that Christmas present credit card debt, the pressure to lose weight & eat healthy, etc.

Or maybe you LOVE the “new” year. Especially this year - I mean, can January 1st on a Monday be any more Type A?! Maybe you look forward to the coming possibilities: you love setting goals and challenging yourself, you look forward to new adventures, etc.

“New” in the church world, however, often brings disgruntled feelings. As I recently announced the New Year, New Us initiative for 2018, several thoughts may have gone through your mind.

“Oh great, what are we changing now?”
“I hope we’re still called First BAPTIST Church after this!”
“The pastor better not show up in skinny jeans!”

I assure you, those last two things ARE NOT changing (especially the skinny jeans - you’re welcome). However, there are some changes - good changes - that are coming. But in reality, these “changes” aren’t necessarily anything “new.” Think of them as “different.” A different way for us to do what is historically old for the Church - since the first century even.

To find out more about this New Year, New Us initiative, listen to the sermon from January 7th.
One thing we anticipate this year is the Lord opening new doors for us to share the gospel with those who do not know Jesus. So our Discipleship University (DiscipleU) will start back this month.

Beginning January 14th at 5:00 p.m., together we will learn the “3 Circles” tool for sharing the gospel. This tool is a simple way to turn everyday conversations into gospel conversations, and will equip us to accomplish our mission to “make Christ known.”

I am excited to see what the Lord will do through our church - not only in 2018, but in the many years to come we have together. What a joy it is to worship, grow, and serve alongside of you.

- Pastor Jonathan
P.S. Listen to January 7th's sermon about the "NEW YEAR NEW US" initiative on our sermon page, or by clicking here.